It's so crazy to me that the first week of March is already almost over! This year is going by way too fast!

But I've been loving every second of it! I feel like this year has been filled with so much love and positive energy and even when I can feel myself starting to be negative, I pick my self right back up! I hope you guys have been feeling all the positive energy that I've been feeling too!

But if you haven't, and feel like you need some tips... Here are a few things that I've been doing to help me stay on track!

Every morning I write in my Gratitude book. If you're wondering what a Gratitude book is... well here is the layout!

1. What are 3 things you are grateful for!? (be honest)

2.What are three things that would make today great?!

3.The Affirmations I AM...

Another thing that's been really great for me, to stay positive, is that I've been waking up early so I can start my day off slow. I noticed that when I give myself a nice easy morning, I have a more productive day but when I hit snooze, and rush myself in the morning, I usually end up feeling stressed out or anxious the rest of the day!

The last thing that I've been doing is making sure that I take the time to do something that is good for myself everyday. That could mean giving myself a facial, or making a healthy dinner. Whatever it is that you can do to show yourself love! And, you should make sure to do it at least once a day!

So, I hope there were at least one or two helpful tips for you in there!

I know these things have really made a difference for me and I think if you try them, they will for you too!



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