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Denver Engagement Party!

November 29, 2018


So...I know you all probably think we're so EXTRA about right now...after our 2nd Engagement party. But, It was definitely necessary, lol. Riker and I both grew up in Denver, so our families are out there! This is why we threw one party, for friends and family in LA, and one in Denver. If you've been following me for a while, you probably saw how extra our LA engagement party was, and I wasn't about to let the 2nd one hide in its shadow!  This is why we had My Little Day send us the cutest decorations and cups/plates to go with them! My Little Day is a really cute party store from France! I ordered everything online and it all came at a reasonable time and not too expensive! Our theme for this party was an Italian wedding. I grew up in an extremely Italian family and because my family was hosting the party, it was very fitting! 

This party, we wanted to celebrate during the day, so we set it to be from noon to 4 pm for people to stop by and say hi and have some drinks and treats. 

We had an olive oil tasting section with crackers and breads...We also had a full charcuterie board with plenty of cheeses, including a delicious baked brie. And of course, for desserts, we had a full table of little Italian cakes and cookies along with a bunch of freshly baked cannoli's.

As for booze, our friends at One Hope wine helped us out with the best champagne and cabernet! 

We had the best time at our Denver Engagement party and now we can't wait for the wedding and everything that comes along with it!!













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