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Wedding Fitness Guide

September 8, 2019

I am two weeks out from my wedding, which means I'm really focusing on my health and fitness. I want to not only look and feel beautiful, but I want to feel healthy and be 100% present on my big day! 


Here's a little journal of my fitness routine leading up to the wedding;


One month out:

My workouts have been fairly normal at this point...maybe a little more intense.

I was doing a minimum of 3 workouts a week, and at least one of those was a strength training class. 


Here's an example of a perfect week;



Tuesday-Strength Training(Training Mate)


Thursday- Yoga Sculpt

Friday- Rest

Saturday-Strength Training(Training Mate)

Sunday- Rest


Two weeks out:

I've incorporated meditation and stretching into my off days, so that I am grounded, and no matter what, every single day, I am giving my body some good love and attention. 


This is my schedule for the two weeks ahead;


Monday-Yoga (HPF Corepower Yoga)


Wednesday -Fly to Denver, Stretch/Meditate 

Thursday -Boxing 

Friday-Stretch and Meditate 

Saturday-Stretch and Meditate 

Sunday-Yoga Sculpt 

Monday -Pilates 

Tuesday -Boxing 

Wed.- Flight to Utah- Strength Training in the hotel gym

Thurs.- Hike in the morning and Spa Day in the afternoon with Massages 

Friday-Wedding Day!! Stretch and Meditate in the AM


For the past few months, I've been cutting out dairy, and the two weeks before the wedding I am eating close to vegan. (Except for fish!)




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