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March Friday Favorites!

March 2, 2018

 It's March & here is my first ever Friday Favorites! Obviously, if you have been following me for a long time you already know about most of my favorite brands but, I thought I would give you guys a little taste of what I've been obsessing over for this month!

It's still a little chilly in California right now, so this cashmere T from 27 Miles has been My life! I couldn't find the exact link for you guys because I don't think its on their site yet, but I will link a shirt from them that's similar and that way when it comes out, you will know where to go!

My skin is always so dry and this Honey Savior is something I put on my face, almost everyday. I also love how it gives your skin a glow. I'm really into the dewy look right now!

My Avec Les Filles sandals are my go to right now when I don't feel like putting too much thought into my outfit. I'll wear something simple, like a basic black dress or white T with jeans and these sandals. It's such an easy look!

And last but definitely not least... Miraval! My obsession with Miraval started about a year ago and they just released a 2017 Vintage collection bottle! All I'm saying is its amazing and you have to try it!





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